’15 F ‘Nick Kyrgios (Nick Kyrgios) in Hubert Hurkacz

’15 F ****** Brothers’ -Nick Kyrgios (Nick Kyrgios) in Hubert Hurkacz (Hubert Hurkacz
Nick Kyrgios’s exhaustive performance has ended his incredible performance. In the quarter -finals of Montreal Masters, on Friday Hubert Hurkacz.

Kyrgios has won the 16th victory in the past 17 games, defeating Polish stars with 7-6 (4) 6-7 (5) 6-1, and many hatred and nervousness have occurred throughout the game. Essence

With the balance of the game, Kyrgios broke out, when Hurkacz was out of the stadium to change clothes.

Gilgis said to the referee: "Brother, we are not a machine, brother."

"We can’t just stop, stop, stop.

"No one needs to change clothes in 15 degrees of heat.

"15 f *** ing degree."

Kyrgios (Kyrgios) admitted that Hurkacz’s rest time was not in the rules, but it frustrated his fragile body -in recent weeks, Australians have a lot of tennis work.

Gilgis said, "Obviously, when you play and stop for five to 10 minutes, this is not helpful for your body."

"After that, my body was stiff and I couldn’t move correctly.

"I mean, this is within the rules. I won’t complain. I am completely stiff.

"My body didn’t feel good last week.

"I feel abdomen (muscle) before the game. My knee injury."

Kyrgios currently 37 will be promoted to the top 32 of the last eight results in Canada, which means that he will be sent to the US Open -the Open will begin on August 29.

The 27 -year -old young man was in the form of purple recently, until he was won by the legendary Novak Djokovic, who won Winblden, and he won the singles and doubles of the Citi Open last week, and he also won the Citi Open. In Houston, Harley and Stuttgart won the semi -finals.

Before his defeat against Hurkacz, Kyrgios defeated the world’s first Daniil Medvedev and defeated the highest -ranked Alex Della, Australia, Alex, Alex de Minaur.

Kyrgios confirmed that he will continue to prepare for the US Open, and he will play in the western and southern public competitions of Cindinniti.